At Dewhurst we distribute and supply E-Motive LCD displays.  Along with Dewhurst pushbuttons, these displays will transform your lift into an innovative communications platform where visitors can be kept up to date with news and events or simply entertained.

You will have at your control an intelligent dedicated broadcast network capability overlaying the core functionality of lift position and travel information.

The E-Motive full colour TFT Range offers the optimum in networked LCD lift and building signage.

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C1L LCD Colour Displays

A high quality, compact sized full colour display, the C1L is ideal as a position indicator display solution for residential buildings, both inside the car and on the lift landing. Offering finesse and style the display fully respects its surroundings and blends in effortlessly. The C1L is available in 3.5”*, 4.3”*, 5.6”, 7.0”, 8.0” and 10.4” sizes. *Slim profile versions available
  • Supports both landscape and portrait mode
  • Slim mechanical profile
  • Hall lantern/Gong control
  • EN 81-70 compliance
  • Backlight Control
  • Picture slideshow/User-defined messages at time intervals
  • On-board dip/tact switch control that allows flexibility in changing display settings

E-Motive Accessories

Encoders & Converters E-Motive has a range of Encoder and Converter products to read signals from the lift controller and encode these signals to provide lift position and status information. Video Server Mini and Max The essential companion for our multimedia displays, it allows multicast streaming of digitized MPEG video with up to 6 streams at once, stream TV or composite video signals directly to the multimedia displays on your network. Navigation box Removes the need for connection to a lift controller Voice Annunciator Speech announcement of lift position and status information Background music in between speech announcements Synchronizer Provides date and time to displays

iS2 Range

The premium offering for elevator and building displays, iS2 displays can provide building patrons with a full colour, multimedia experience. Along with lift direction and status information, these displays will showcase high definition corporate video, tenant advertising content or promote special events. The iS2 can also incorporate a live information feed for up-to-the minute news and entertainment and is perfect for use as digital signage within any building. Available in five sizes – 10.4” – 12.1” – 15.0” – 19.0” – 21.5”
  • Rich media integration and HD display
  • Wireless connection for content updating
  • Video/audio live streaming or recorded
  • Manage network media remotely

MRP Retrofit Display

The MRP with Navigation box brings multimedia content to elevators with quick and easy installation. Update your display without having to worry about replacing the entire COP, wiring up to the controller or having the correct lift protocol. The MRP with separate processor can be mounted anywhere within the elevator car with minimal modification to the metalwork. Once installed easily configure your display via USB transfer or remote update from the Avire Hub* and it is ready to go. Simple, cost-effective, easy to use and in a range of colours to suit your lift interior. The installer-friendly MRP is the complete plug and play solution that can be used in any lift instantly creating a high end look and feel.
  • Save hours with a quick installation for retrofit applications
  • USB socket for enhanced programming
  • Does not need to be linked to the controller for lift information
  • Easy to use drag & drop content management software
  • High Quality Multimedia display

Picture LCD PSP01

The PSP display is the simple and easy to use solution for modernisation and new installations. New on-board programming allows the flexibility to instantly update and configure the display onsite without need for a computer, saving the installer time and effort. Alternatively, the intuitive drag and drop layout designer makes it easy to design layouts to meet the requirements of any installation. The brand-new PSP display builds upon E-Motive’s experience of delivering quality displays, providing a slimmer design without loss of functionality. The PSP LCD display is an ideal choice for use in confined spaces and is available in 5.6”,7”,8” and 10.4”.

PRP Display – The Retrofit Display

The E-Motive PRP with nav box is the only option for easily upgrading to a fantastic LCD solution. Fit the PRP display without having to worry about replacing the entire COP, wiring up to the controller, having the correct lift protocol or having the wrong configuration on the display. The PRP can be mounted anywhere within the elevator car with minimal modification to the metalwork. Once installed simply configure your layout using the on-board programming tool or via USB transfer using the drag and drop layout designer and your display is ready to go. The installer-friendly PRP is cost-effective and quick to fit. It is also available in a range of colours to improve the look and feel of any installation.

Panorama Multimedia Ultra-Wide LCD

A revolutionary next-generation elevator media display, E-Motive® Panorama provides stunningly crisp, exciting visuals for an informative entertainment elevator experience.  Panorama uses LED-backlit LCD displays with enhanced dynamic contrast and brilliant colour depth, to provide vivid-coloured images. The display has flexible and configurable software allowing rich media broadcasting in 1/3 the size of a typical 16:9 screen. With a unique ultra-wide aspect ratio that enhances building space, the Panorama provides greater flexibility for users to design screen layouts. Panorama is available in 3 screen sizes at 19”, 28” and 38”.
  • Ultra-wide screen with high brightness

US1 Touch Panel

The new Dewhurst US1 Touch Panel is a futuristic alternative to traditional pushbuttons. it allows you to create your own style of pushbutton on the touch screen with a background that fulfils your vision and enhances your corporate brand and identity. The US1 hardware is available in 3 sizes 21.5”, 18.5” and 15.6” displays with PCAP touch screen that allows users to activate the touch screen effortlessly with finger, glove or conductive  stylus. The CPU is an ARM processor with plenty of power to display full HD 1080p video content on the screen.  The whole unit is neatly self-contained in its housing and is less than 35mm in depth. Part of the package is an exclusive programming tool that allows our customers to update content independently such as text, video, images and general tenant information.  At a later date they can load any changes in just a few seconds over network using the LAN cable or with a USB flash drive that plugs in at the back of the panel.